Friday, April 24, 2015

HIV in My Eye Review in A&U magazine

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HIV in My Eye
by Thomas Gordon Green

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Reviewed by Alina Oswald
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HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug: Heaven knows they need it,” the late Princess Diana once said. To some extent, her words ring true to this day. People living with HIV today still need that hug. Many do get it. Many more do soma online no prescription
Thomas Gordon Green’s debut book, HIV in My Eye, offers a version of what can become of the latter. In his collection of poetry, the long-term AIDS survivor and activist, and now author, sketches out a candid, intimate image of the raw reality of living with HIV, especially in the South, while drawing from his personal experience of living with the virus—from the time of the diagnosis, some three decades ago, when his own mother refused to give him that much needed hug, to the present day.ultram online no prescription
The poems touch on real-life issues, some considered more taboo than others. While not all limited to the South, issues like poverty, rejection, abuse, drug use and lost innocence often mark the daily existence of someone living with HIV/AIDS.valium online without prescription
The poem “Temporary” marks perhaps a turning point in the feelings and emotions evoked in HIV in My Eye, painting the world as a place in which HIV is only temporary, and, thus, offering a glimpse of hope. In “Temporary” the author offers his own gut feeling about the temporary nature of HIV:
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This is the feeling I get in my gut.
It’s why I don’t mind HIV as much as I should.
I hear you talk bad about people with HIV.
Don’t you know it hurts those people?
Why not nurture a person living with HIV?
Ask me how I am today.
Would you be ok with HIV?
It won’t be here long!
Because it is Temporary!
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The poems that follow change the tone of the conversation about living with HIV, documenting the author’s long journey back to recovery. In the process, he becomes not only a survivor, but also an phentermine without prescription
HIV in My Eye is more than a poetry collection. It launches a new organization, which is meant to spread the word about HIV and AIDS to educational institutions across North America. Worldwide HIV/AIDS Information Initiative may be the answer for those whose voices are yet to be heard or for those living with HIV still searching for that much needed hug, and also hope.klonopin online no prescription
HIV in My Eye is available on and To find out more about this poetry collection and the new Worldwide HIV/AIDS Information Initiative organization, visit: 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

MA'S JUNIOR SCHOOL (please read)

Our school - MA'S JUNIOR SCHOOL is found in the rural remote town of Tororo in Uganda.
Started with the inspiration from Cathy Robinson Pickett,Julie Sprague and Butch McKay who blessed us with a few school supplies on our volunteer trip to Tanzania intended to raise awareness about HIV/AIDs.This was sponsored by Jaya Belinda of Ma's River Fund.
The school is a foundation of hope to our vulnerable children for impoverished community here in Uganda.

Our motto is "Hope for the Future" and we believe in 3 core values,namely;
Academic excellence
Love and compassion
A holistic development

Our mission is contained in our organisational vision of friends of /

We take care of children from the age of 3 who join our kindergarten section to the age of 16 in our top most class- primary seven.
we have 3 classes of kindergarten and 7 classes of primary level from primary one to primary 7.
Children stay with their caretakers/guardians and a lucky few get picked by our old school van,returning them in the evening after classes to their homes. A majority commute on foot to school as our van is a 14 seater old cargo that can't carry everybody.
we Feed the kids on corn meal and beans but also give then porridge at 10 am daily.
We have 12 staff who volunteer their services.

Currently our urgent needs are in the area of desks for the 3 new classrooms, textbooks and food to feed the children.we anticipate to open with 500-600 children so we might need an urgent addition of 1 improved pit latrine as well for the girl child to improve sanitation

Anything can help make a difference where there is nothing....
Thanking you for your prayers and Support,