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A STRONG WOMEN carries more than just make-up in HER purse!


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2013 Upcoming HIV/AIDS Conferences

Title: 8th International Workshop on HIV Transmission - Principles of Intervention
Dates: 10/04/2013- 10/05/2013
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
ACTG review deadline: 07/26/2013
Deadline for abstracts: 08/02/2013
Title: 2013 Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference
Dates: 10/21/2013- 10/23/2013
City: Darwin
Country: Australia
Deadline for abstracts: Closed
Title: 4th International Workshop on HIV & Aging
Dates: 10/30/2013- 10/31/2013
City: Baltimaore
Country: USA
ACTG review deadline: 09/06/2013
Deadline for abstracts: 09/13/2013
Title: What Will it Take to Achieve an AIDS-free World?
Dates: 11/03/2013- 11/05/2013
City: San Francisco
Country: USA
ACTG review deadline: 07/29/2013
Deadline for abstracts: 07/26/2013
Title: 6th International Workshop on HIV Persistence, Reservoirs and Eradication Strategies Conference
Dates: 12/03/2013 – 12/06/2013
City: Miami
State: FL
Country: United States
ACTG review deadline: September 2, 2013
Deadline for abstracts: September 9, 2013
Title: 3rd Workshop on HCV Therapy Advances
Dates: 12/13/2013 – 12/14/2013
City: Rome
Country: Italy
Deadline for abstracts: Not yet posted
Title: 4th International Workshop on HIV & Women - From Adolescence through Menopause
Dates: 01/13/2014 – 01/14/2014
City: Washington
State: DC
Country: United States
ACTG review deadline: 10/24/2013
Deadline for abstracts: 10/31/2013
Title: Keystone Symposia- HIV Vaccines: Adaptive Immunity and Beyond (X3)
Dates: 03/09/2014 – 03/14/2014
City: Banff
Provence: Alberta
Country: Canada
ACTG review deadline: 12/04/2013
Deadline for abstracts: 12/11/2013
Title: Keystone Symposia- HIV Pathogenesis – Virus vs. Host (X4)
City: Banff
Provence: Alberta
Country: Canada
ACTG review deadline: 12/04/2013
Deadline for abstracts: 12/11/2013
Title: 12th European Meeting on HIV & Hepatitis Treatment Strategies & Antiviral Drug Resistance
Dates: 03/26/2014 – 03/28/2014
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Deadline for abstracts: Not yet posted
Title: 6th International workshop on HV Pediatrics
Dates: 07/18/2014 – 07/19/2014
City: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Deadline for abstracts: Not yet posted
Title: 20th International AIDS Conference
Dates: 07/20/2014 – 07/25/2014
City: Melbourne
Country: Australia
ACTG review deadline: 01/30/2014
Deadline for abstracts: 02/06/2014

Hey we need you. Don't you like to be wanted?

We need a a team for North Carolina, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, South Carolina, Texas you will represent an post all things HIV in your state. This is a volunteer positions. Please message me if serious only? This is a growing Facebook page that is a new venture for us all. Some team members you may already know an you can have a chance to get to know. But please be SERIOUS. Try out your reporter skills you can really find some awesome info an we will be blogging our stories on this blog too. Thank you.

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Mesheli's Story

Hello Everyone,
 I decided I would start by telling all of you what this last year has been like for me, since being diagnosed. I am going to give you as much details as I can. I have huge gaps in my memory. My oldest daughter has helped me with this as much as she could remember. After returning home from the hospital I had a lot of re learning to do. Like feeding myself to walking. By the end of May I was able to do all this. On June 1st I went with my son-in-law to shop for my grandsons first birthday. I had a grandma seizure in the store. I missed my grandsons birthday. My oldest daughter had to move in with me so I could come home. I remember celebrating 4th of July. Its kind of fuzzy. I am told I had another small seizure. I also remember celebrating my youngest daughters birthday, but my birthday is fuzzy. I remember going with my daughter and her little family to sign papers for the new place we were renting. I remember my son -in-law carrying me in. Then on August 8th I had another seizure that landed me in the hospital. From here is when I lost a lot of my memory. I had to have a brain biopsy on a mass they found in my head. What I remember is having a lot of issues with the left side of my body. I was released to a rehab facility and on the 22nd of August I went home. My daughter said I came home talking non sense and unable to feed or bath myself. In fact they had to start putting diapers on me. Under the advice of my nurse with Ryan White, I was taken to the hospital. My daughter was told if she waited any longer I would have died.  That was on September 8th.  On the 21st I had a temporary shunt put in my head due to the excessive amount of spinal fluid on my brain. Then on the 27th they had to put a permanent shunt in. I was told that was due to I make to much spinal fluid and the temporary shunt was outside my body which was leaving me vulnerable to more problems. W hat I remember is my mom was there and her birthday was in a few days. I wanted to go home. I wanted to spend time with my mom before she went back to Missouri. Finally after 2 blood transfusions, I got to go home. I wasn't home a day and back to the hospital because my family didn't know what the swollen looking vein in my neck was. We found out it was just the tube from the shunt and it will swell when its flowing with a lot of fluid. On October 23rd my daughter took me to a different hospital due to finding out that quite a few of my doctors were not licensed. I spent Halloween in the hospital. I had lots of tests done. They were trying to determine if the mass in my head was cancer. I got to go home November 13th. I got to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. I was back in hospital November25th.This is when they gave me my three months to live or less. I had two treatments of chemotherapy and then I went to hospice house. They sent back to hospital due to infection and my pushy attitude. I remember a few things. I didn't want any more morphine and the coming off was scary stuff.   I also remember throwing a fit about I wasn't going to die I was going to live ! I signed my release papers and was admitted to the hospital. I spent Christmas in the hospital. I got to come home for New Years Eve. I was back at hospital on January 4th.  The night the hospital staff thought I was going to die, one of the nurses came with movies and snacks when she got off work. We stayed up until around 3 am. I woke before breakfast and was hungry.  The nurses were so surprised that one went to get me some food. I stayed at the hospital until Feb. 15th. From there I was transferred to a rehab. One month at rehab and I was throwing a fit to come home. I was only getting 3 days a week of physical therapy and no occupational therapy. I felt they no longer could help me. On March 15th I went home. On March 16th I found the person I was told died in 2007.  I moved back to Missouri on May 6th. May 7th moved in with Paul ( the person I was told was dead ). I am here in Missouri getting my care. I haven't been back in the hospital. My cd4 has been going up and my viral load going down. I have went from wheelchair to walker to cane in 4 months. They also had told me if I live I may never walk again.

Eliminating Violence Against Women Must Be Included As Development Goal, Leaders Say

“Violence against women and girls is so pervasive that the next set of United Nations development objectives must include it as a priority when the Millennium Development Goals [MDGs] expire in 2015, panelists at a U.N. ministerial meeting on gender violence and the post-2015 agenda said on Wednesday,” Thomson Reuters Foundation reports, noting Finland, Liberia and U.N. Women co-hosted the event. “According to a June 2013 report by the [WHO], the first systematic study of global data on the prevalence of violence against women (VAW), no part of the world is free from gender-based violence,” the news service writes. “Ending the global pandemic of VAW must be a priority as the U.N. works on the post-2015 development agenda, said [U.N. Women Executive Director Phumzile] Mlambo-Ngucka,” Reuters states. Mlambo-Ngucka said, “Indeed, it is the missing MDG and we must correct this glaring omission,” the news service notes, adding, “Many ministers at the meeting agreed with Mlambo-Ngucka that stopping violence against women must be spelt out in the next set of objectives.” Finnish Foreign Affairs Minister Erkki Tuomioja said, “What is needed now is more attention to freedom from violence for women and girls, from now until after 2015,” according to Reuters (Anderson, 9/26).

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HIV: The Silent Epidemic in the South

The American South holds 37 percent of the U.S. population, but over half of all new HIV diagnoses occur there.
Under the multiple layers of history and statistics…of a topic that has remained hidden and has almost become banal… a new documentary called deepsouth refocuses the discourse… by bringing light on the people living in the most quite corners of the deep Sout
Under the multiple layers of history and statistics, it's a topic that has remained largely hidden in the South. A new documentary called "deepsouth" refocuses the discourse by shedding light on the people living in the most quiet corners of the region.

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Is this enough?

This should be all we should have to say. But people want to act like they are deaf an blinded by their selfish needs.

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Welcome our new author to the Blog!

Mesheli Nims (Ford). I am 44 years old and born August 3, 1969. I have had many jobs. My favorite was being a teacher. I like making toys for my grandbabies and my niece. If it has to do with crafts I am all there. I love all kinds of music. Right now its Mumford and Sons. I'm a syfy watcher. I like self help, health, and how to books. I am the mother of two wonderful daughters, and have two grand babies with one on the way. My daughters both had their children with a midwife. I got to be their doula. I have a strong bond with my daughters and grand babies. I was diagnosed HIV+ in April 2012. I thought I was safe and careful because I was married. My family and friends have been very supportive, even before I got ill.
I am caring, easy going, and passionate. Whose views may or may not inspire, but my hope is that my words will comfort, inspire, motivate, and move people.

Please feel free to ask her questions.

Are you receiving Food Stamps ("SNAP" benefits)? Your benefits are about to decrease.

As mandated by federal law, the 2009 Recovery Act’s temporary boost to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits is scheduled to end on November 1, 2013.  This will result in a benefit cut for every household that receives food stamps. Benefit cuts will range depending upon household size and income.  For example, the cut could be up to $29 a month for households of three. Customers will experience this reduction starting with their food stamp benefits issued in November 2013.

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Hell No! To #CUTS TO #SNAP!

Hello I am one of those that will be hurt very badly by the #SNAP program cut an I live amongst seniors an disabled persons who depend on the few SNAP dollars to help define between hunger an life, an if you will look at the affect of nutrition on chronic illnesses it can be the difference of 2 visits to doctor or emergency room to 7-10 or death an with the few dollars in cost of food stamps is nothing to the 100,000"s of cost to the Medicaid an Medicare system from this #SNAP CUT! Do the math. Tell someone. It could be ur family? CONTACT YOUR GOVERNMENT SAY NO TO #SNAP CUTS

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Do you suspect your partner is HIV?


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ADAP Watch september 17, 2013

ADAP Watch

September 17, 2013

ADAPs with Waiting Lists
(133 individuals in 3 states, as of September 13, 2013)
Number of Individuals on ADAP Waiting List
Percent of the Total
ADAP Waiting List
Increase/Decrease from Previous Reporting Period
Date Waiting List Began
June 2010
October 2012
South Dakota
August 2012

Note: ADAPs are required to recertify all enrolled clients at least twice a year.  This process often creates limited slots below an ADAP enrollment cap.  ADAPs often will not eliminate their waiting list until they are able to increase or remove the enrollment cap entirely.

Latest ADAP News
Last week, a FY2014 continuing resolution for the federal budget was proposed, but later retracted without a vote. While it is expected that Congress will pass legislation to continue to fund the government before October 1, the details of the current legislation are unresolved.

The Senate’s FY2014 budget includes an increase of $2 million over FY2012 for a total of $2.39 billion for the Ryan White Program, which includes a $10 million increase for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). Additionally, this total includes the President’s 2011 World AIDS Day ADAP emergency relief funding (ERF) of $35 million. The Ryan White Part B base FY2014 funding was reduced by $1.5 million from FY2012 levels. The President’s FY2014 budget request included an increase of $10 million for ADAP and it flat funded the Part B base from FY2012. The House budget never made it to the floor for a vote prior to the summer recess.

The FY2013 ERF funds have not yet been awarded to ADAPs. These funds are expected to be released by the end of this month. The FY2013 ERF funds consist of $65 million dollars in competing continuation funds for existing ERF grantees and $10 million in new competing funds available to ADAPs not previously receiving ERF.  The budget period for these FY2013 ERF funds will be six months (through March 31, 2014) to allow future alignment of the FY2014 ADAP ERF (if funds are available) and FY2014 Part B base/ADAP earmark awards. 

ADAPs with Other Cost-containment Strategies
(since April 1, 2013i, as of June 11, 2013)

Enrollment Cap
Expenditure Cap
Financial Eligibility
Formulary Reduction
Illinois: monthly
New Mexico:  monthly
South Dakota:  annual
Georgia: cap on insurance premiums
Montana:   service reductions in place

iADAPs may have other cost-containment strategies that were instituted prior to
April 1, 2013.

 ADAPs Considering New/Additional Cost-containment Measures
(before March 31, 2014

Expenditure Cap
Waiting List
Arizona: annual

iiMarch 31, 2014 is the end of ADAP FY2013. ADAP fiscal years begin April 1 and end March 31.

ADAPs that Eliminated/Modified Cost-containment Measures (since April 1, 2013iii)

Washington: Stopped requiring use of PAPs during insurance enrollment
West Virginia: Increased financial eligibility to 400%, up from 325%

iiiADAPs may have other cost-containment strategies that were
eliminated/modified prior to April 1, 2013.

About ADAP: ADAPs provide life-saving HIV treatments through directly purchasing medications or providing insurance coverage and wrap-around services to low income, uninsured, and underinsured individuals living with HIV/AIDS in all states, territories and associated jurisdictions.

About PAPs: Uninsured or underinsured individuals living with HIV who are ineligible for ADAPs can access needed medications using the common patient assistance program (PAP) application form to apply for multiple PAPs. To see additional information on pharmaceutical company patient assistance or co-payment assistance programs, please visit the Positively Aware website or the Fair Pricing Coalition's website. In addition, the HarborPath program is available to serve individuals on ADAP waiting lists as well as individuals in select states (see the HarborPath website for more information).

About NASTAD: NASTAD strengthens state and territory-based leadership, expertise, and advocacy and brings them to bear on reducing the incidence of HIV and viral hepatitis and on providing care and support to all who live with HIV and viral hepatitis. NASTAD’s vision is a world free of HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis. For more information, visit To receive or unsubscribe from The ADAP Watch, please contact Christopher Cannon.

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I am a FACE of a LONGTERM #SURVIVOR with #AIDS an I am not ashamed to say I have worked very hard to be here today. We need to remember the 50% of the epidemic is the #south. Funding balance for the numbers please! Lets fix this #ERROR.    TG GREEN



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 "HAND" what are you doing?
I'm reaching..
Reaching.. into the clouds
I almost get it.
I see it
I feel it
but I seem to miss it
Its beautiful
what is it?  beautiful?
Its "Snow"..
why do you try to reach the "snow"?
its special...I just can't get "Hand" to get it.
Why is "Snow" special? is the "CURE"! "HAND"!
Written by TG Green
ABOUT: story behind this is how I look at HIV CURE RESEARCH! Reaching, Looking, Grasping but never can hold onto it.

I don't give permission for this to be used in any publication with out my permission it is my own work.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

AIDS phobia does this make me damaged goods?

Art by Ralfka Gonzalez

Sept 10,2013; this endless AIDS phobia makes its hard not to feel like damaged gooods. It does make me be grateful for being alive, but mostly it’s a cross to carry that wish I could burn!
When I was very sick, the young buck doctor said that I might have AIDS or cancer or both. That night I cried so hard and watched Nina Simone at this art-deco theater in Oakland. A few days later, it was take the pills or write your will. I had this truck that I began to paint. It looked like a Mexican sugar bowl — you know: the flowery, hand-painted gourds you buy at the folk-art galleries. The truck was named Eye Too Hell Ah Gay — Eye2 for short. Then on Monday, Sept. 10, 2001, I went to the doctor. My T-cells were over 100. The meds were working! I was going to be HIV-poz and not have AIDS any more. The next day me and my best pal planned to go camping up in redwoods wine country. I woke up and went to the grocery store. It was mad. People were crying and running around! I asked why are people acting so odd? With a tear in his eye, the clerk said jets are crashing into buildings; I rushed back to turn on the news. After about three hours of this, we got in the truck and went camping. Then it hit us: People were crying and waving at us. For weeks, people would hug me as I got back to my truck, telling me that my art heals them! I even got a magnet with the Twin Towers from a fireman that had just come back from Ground Zero, saying my truck made his day, and that’s what freedom is about. I never told any of them that I was healing with this art too; it is the most powerful gift that AIDS has given me. I loved that the truck, putting smiles on people’s faces. To make a long story short, the car went poof, and I did not have the cash to fix it, so I left it beside the road. I sang part of Lulu’s song “To Sir With Love” as I walked away: “How do you thank someone, that has taken you from crayons to perfume ...” I’d love to have a car of my own to paint again one day.

Quote: "love is blind ...but the neighbors aren't"!
 Books written by Ralfka Gonzales

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Mark your calendar: Global Female Condom Day 2013

September 16 marks the second annual Global Female Condom Day – a day of education and advocacy dedicated to female condoms. Last year, thousands of individuals and nearly 200 organizations from 26 countries participated.
Sign up
Are you planning a female condom activity on Global Female Condom Day? Or do you want to share this day through social media? Then it will be interesting to sign up at the ‘pledge to take action’ website. You will receive tips and tools to help you plan your activities. Global Female Condom Day is a collaborative effort of the National Female Condom Coalition and Universal Access to Female Condoms (UAFC) Joint Programme.

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Do you believe we may have lived another life?

This meditation can be used in VISIUALIZING DISCLOSING HIV STATUS!

I had started a support group for HIV at the University of Georgia on campus, it was a creative visualization meditation support group. Playing very calming music. We had everyone sit on a circle of pillows on the floor with a candle in the middle of floor. We started one at a time speaking an explaining the most favorite place we had ever been to or we created one of our own or picked up from were the person before you left off. At the time people were getting sick in that area from AIDS SYMPTOMS. Well the group was a hit and we had big groups. Because they could escape to this place we each uniquely created an I believe these guys were able to carry this place in their minds eye so when they had a hard day they could go to it without going anywhere physically. Still to this day I can see my place an only I can let anyone into that space because that space is inside me.

Well we tried a practice to visualize ourselves as a powerful being radiating a golden light. This is what happened to me when we did. If you understand visualization you would understand my having a block like a wall up an could not see past it. Then after several meeting an going deeper an deeper it was like the wall dropped and I saw in front of me this powerful being. I was like I was watching through a camcorder.
I visualized being a powerful being radiating golden light , an when I finally saw myself as this being I had long brown hair with a white soft robe an I was barefoot an was in a tunnel that had dirt floor and carved stone walls an ceiling and opened out onto a flat platform midway up into the canopy of the trees and the light was goldish in color ....after seeing this vision I was extremely moved but later while I was a doctors office probably a year later I was flipping through national geographic as I turn the page I felt tears start to run down my cheeks an I didn't know why until I focused on the MAYAN TEMPLE in the magazine and it was exactly the place in my vision and I believe I had lived there in another life. To this day I can still see this vision an it gives me chills of warmth flowing through me because I know I saw an felt more than what I had been looking for. An couple years later I had outer body experience too just as awesome an if you want me to tell you let me know?

Just part of my past memories TG Green

Fck Equal - A new HIV campaign from METRO Charity for men who have sex w...

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Will Snake Oil bite you?

snake oil
If it sounds to good to be true.. sometimes it is. I myself tried some of these SNAKE OIL TREATMENTS several times
and am glad I was lucky enough to survive it. But do I think they really helped? Well the truth is most these homemade Treatments haven't been tested for safety! An some can be quite dangerous especially taken with pharmacy medicine that it can interact with. Before you try this SNAKE OIL make sure its safe for you!

HIV connot be Spread by these.....

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Definition of Brave is more than just surviving!

For me it would be the slips an falls an being able to get back up! An fight! fight! fight!