Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If Poor do I get HIV "CURE'?

With past history the wealthy have always had first dibs on new HIV treatments in my experience.
Don't get so excited about a "CURE" because until you see it yourself no need to get all worked up about what you hear on the news or on the Internet.

What would I do if they were to find a cure?  Well id be skeptical at first an ask what are the side affects that come with this cure? The medicine always comes with a side effect just depends how severe they are with each one. Then as a pessimist as I am I would ask whats the catch to this cure you speak of? Then I be scared of how my life would change since have been living on disability since '96. How would I live? How would I get back into society? over 30 yrs hiv now who am I these days? It would be a roller coaster of emotions many would have for sure.

We have a big HIV+ community that are low-income to poverty level living. Would they be on the top or bottom of list for the cure? Will income have influence on who gets cure? We are all equal in GODS eyes why  does society not have same vision of people? I believe there will be riots in the streets on the fight to get the cure to the unbalanced groups that have been under served. Just wait an see..would you get out in the streets an fight to get a cure for you an your family friends? The time will come one day that this will be a common sight for the less fortunate. Have you ever watched SCI-FI an they showed how the poor lived underground an when they had outbreaks of disease they had to battle against the system to get their share of the cure or anti-venom. Well that's what our future is if you fit in below poverty level in the world. Its already happening in the world today.

Will we have to pull a number for a slot in line? Or will it be a lottery for it?
My guess would be that it might have something to do with your medical numbers.
But before anyone out there thinks about getting HIV CURE the Corrupt types in government an HIV Org will get first choice on when they get their chance for the cure. I call the Corrupt Policy makers "fat cats"! Because they get fat off our funding for services in HIV ORG. Maybe Ellen Show will give out free tickets for the cure challenge...lol wouldn't that be cool? Or the Amazing Race or Survivor island...I am reaching now. 

The Cure is coming are you ready?
They are getting closer...
Be prepared for the rush..
What will you be doing?

Good Bye! Until theres a Cure!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Stigma an Racism in Low-income Housing!

Public housing authority has no rules in place to protect residents from being the object of hate an misery if your white or HIV. Friends of mine  have lived in housing authority project for years now.
Why did they live in low-income ?
Because when your are very poor an HIV on less than 800.00 a month on social security income or disability you have to live we're you can within your income level.
How did they find out about housing authority?
They had had friends that had lived in low-income before an it was within their budget. Surviving on not enough money to live on makes you become very efficient with your money. But even with low-income it's a hard life to live on top of a chronic illness like HIV.
How were they treated in housing authority housing being HIV?
At first they loved it but it became extremely stressful because the other residents became suspicious because the were young under 55 yrs. old an they were gay. The residents started talking an spreading rumors they were gay so they must have AIDS.  This grew in intensity they tried to let it go but then they started saying racist remarks on top of the HIV Stigma. Some have been able to ignore the hate an harassment but others had to move because PRoperty Management for the Housing Authority  turned their heads and nurtured the HIV Stigma an the racist atmosphere which is highly prevalenct in public housing these days.
How is it for persons getting older with HIV?
I have to say this in honesty..I wouldn't recommend anyone with HIV symptoms to move into public housing at the moment. The reason is there is no protection for positive people that is upheld by management teams cause they have no training for HIV disabled rights. Even with American Disability Association laws an fair housing act they are not used to protect residents with HIV or suspicion of having HIV like they were created for protection from discrimination.  The stress of all the stigma is to much for anyone with a compromised immune system. One of my friends had a breakdown which had negative effect on his health to point he almost died.  The housing authority new of all the hate an stigma that almost killed him . They only said vague remarks to questions of why they allowed this an admitted no responsibility for the
Suffering of my friends an the damage to his health.
Will things change ever change?
The doubt is there with there already intense reverse discrimination between African Americans and. Caucasians in low-income housing. Plus what I've seen is the racism  is most the time supported by the policy makers for HUD. So I don't see a change of hate environment.
What will happen to the ones that are HIV an Aging ?
They will have to speak in Capitol  setting n US government an fight for change an the laws to be used that are there already in place. Most they hate an stigma in public housing has been rooted for many many years. I have tried to speak to the powers that be but they are so not realistic in their views that are brought up to them they will do nothing. I have witnessed cover up of deaths of residents jumping from windows an dying or people dying of suspicious reasons all hidden from eyes of the public. So no I do not think it will change. Unless they find a cure

Monday, April 15, 2013




Today we talk about the  subject of disclosing HIV status. Many have already had the practice of disclosing since HIV has been around since 1979 or so, when it was called GRID.
How does one disclose to a potential partner that he/she is HIV positive or has an STD? A good way to disclose is in a public setting that is relaxing or private in a space that is special to you. Just ‘being yourself’ lets the person know you are real and that you are honest. Never talk down about your being HIV poz. Keep your head up and show the love for yourself and others by disclosing.
Remember, disclosing will be a life long process.  Disclosing HIV status before having sex with a partner is the law in some states and countries.
Practice in a mirror. Just like you, the people you tell will need support as well. Don’t expect that, just because you love someone, they will be able to support you after your disclosure. You may need to support them with this new information before they can be there for you. It is a good idea to have a few telephone numbers on hand of places they can go for support.
Groups you will disclose to most often:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Goodbye Tina

I've been waiting
For who?
You. Miss Tina
The pain
What can I do?
Make me feel nothing
That's what I do
You make me wanna touch them all without a worry!
I'm glad I can help
Then I come down..
I'm tired
I'm sorry
Why are you sorry?
Because I am HIV...you see
Goodbye miss Tina

By TG Green

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What Really Works to Prevent HIV? | In Phase News

What Really Works to Prevent HIV? | In Phase News

What you doing?

I'm watching you
Why do you watch
Because you...amaze me
What's  so special?
Just the way you be
How am I being?
Nothin is wrong with being strong!
If I'm not this way I'd die
Yes in your minds eye
What are you?
I am the survivor . You..

30 yrs HIV survivor

written by TG Green

Monday, April 1, 2013

No Fear

Putting an ad on sex site.
Anticipating tonight
Clothes are not important
you will bare it all. Yes?
for freedom
don't you already feel free?
Yes I do. But..
something is missing.
I don't know..
I used to care
Aren't you afraid?
no I just want to have fun 
Do you use a rubber?
No protection!
If I get it...
They have a pill for it!
 TG Green
by TG Green
email at suninmyeye@gmail.com

Why I wrote this? 
Because I wanted to put into words
what I see is a good percentage of societies
acts of Russian roulette...