Friday, April 26, 2013

Stigma an Racism in Low-income Housing!

Public housing authority has no rules in place to protect residents from being the object of hate an misery if your white or HIV. Friends of mine  have lived in housing authority project for years now.
Why did they live in low-income ?
Because when your are very poor an HIV on less than 800.00 a month on social security income or disability you have to live we're you can within your income level.
How did they find out about housing authority?
They had had friends that had lived in low-income before an it was within their budget. Surviving on not enough money to live on makes you become very efficient with your money. But even with low-income it's a hard life to live on top of a chronic illness like HIV.
How were they treated in housing authority housing being HIV?
At first they loved it but it became extremely stressful because the other residents became suspicious because the were young under 55 yrs. old an they were gay. The residents started talking an spreading rumors they were gay so they must have AIDS.  This grew in intensity they tried to let it go but then they started saying racist remarks on top of the HIV Stigma. Some have been able to ignore the hate an harassment but others had to move because PRoperty Management for the Housing Authority  turned their heads and nurtured the HIV Stigma an the racist atmosphere which is highly prevalenct in public housing these days.
How is it for persons getting older with HIV?
I have to say this in honesty..I wouldn't recommend anyone with HIV symptoms to move into public housing at the moment. The reason is there is no protection for positive people that is upheld by management teams cause they have no training for HIV disabled rights. Even with American Disability Association laws an fair housing act they are not used to protect residents with HIV or suspicion of having HIV like they were created for protection from discrimination.  The stress of all the stigma is to much for anyone with a compromised immune system. One of my friends had a breakdown which had negative effect on his health to point he almost died.  The housing authority new of all the hate an stigma that almost killed him . They only said vague remarks to questions of why they allowed this an admitted no responsibility for the
Suffering of my friends an the damage to his health.
Will things change ever change?
The doubt is there with there already intense reverse discrimination between African Americans and. Caucasians in low-income housing. Plus what I've seen is the racism  is most the time supported by the policy makers for HUD. So I don't see a change of hate environment.
What will happen to the ones that are HIV an Aging ?
They will have to speak in Capitol  setting n US government an fight for change an the laws to be used that are there already in place. Most they hate an stigma in public housing has been rooted for many many years. I have tried to speak to the powers that be but they are so not realistic in their views that are brought up to them they will do nothing. I have witnessed cover up of deaths of residents jumping from windows an dying or people dying of suspicious reasons all hidden from eyes of the public. So no I do not think it will change. Unless they find a cure
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