Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If Poor do I get HIV "CURE'?

With past history the wealthy have always had first dibs on new HIV treatments in my experience.
Don't get so excited about a "CURE" because until you see it yourself no need to get all worked up about what you hear on the news or on the Internet.

What would I do if they were to find a cure?  Well id be skeptical at first an ask what are the side affects that come with this cure? The medicine always comes with a side effect just depends how severe they are with each one. Then as a pessimist as I am I would ask whats the catch to this cure you speak of? Then I be scared of how my life would change since have been living on disability since '96. How would I live? How would I get back into society? over 30 yrs hiv now who am I these days? It would be a roller coaster of emotions many would have for sure.

We have a big HIV+ community that are low-income to poverty level living. Would they be on the top or bottom of list for the cure? Will income have influence on who gets cure? We are all equal in GODS eyes why  does society not have same vision of people? I believe there will be riots in the streets on the fight to get the cure to the unbalanced groups that have been under served. Just wait an see..would you get out in the streets an fight to get a cure for you an your family friends? The time will come one day that this will be a common sight for the less fortunate. Have you ever watched SCI-FI an they showed how the poor lived underground an when they had outbreaks of disease they had to battle against the system to get their share of the cure or anti-venom. Well that's what our future is if you fit in below poverty level in the world. Its already happening in the world today.

Will we have to pull a number for a slot in line? Or will it be a lottery for it?
My guess would be that it might have something to do with your medical numbers.
But before anyone out there thinks about getting HIV CURE the Corrupt types in government an HIV Org will get first choice on when they get their chance for the cure. I call the Corrupt Policy makers "fat cats"! Because they get fat off our funding for services in HIV ORG. Maybe Ellen Show will give out free tickets for the cure challenge...lol wouldn't that be cool? Or the Amazing Race or Survivor island...I am reaching now. 

The Cure is coming are you ready?
They are getting closer...
Be prepared for the rush..
What will you be doing?

Good Bye! Until theres a Cure!
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