Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sex Ed for the Real World!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Natural diarrhea treatment from medicine side effects.

 Rice Drink for the runs,
  I boil a big pot of water and adds about half a cup of uncooked white rice. I then cook it for 45 minutes and a soupy, tasteless, white rice water develops. I drain the liquid into a container and drinks this rice water two or three times during the day, and sometimes eats the overcooked rice as well. It is the only thing that has worked for me. Some people add a flavor  to this to make it taste better.  Try to treat naturally some side effects if you can. but talk your Doctor before you do .                                  

Friday, February 22, 2013

Poorest state in America & Hiv

For people who currently have HIV, Mississippi has the highest death rate in the country: 32.9 per 1,000 individuals living with the disease.
For some Mississippians, the only thing worse than dying from HIV/AIDS is admitting they have it.
The Jackson metro area is one of the country’s worst offenders, claiming the fourth-highest rate of new HIV infections among metro areas in the U.S., and the third-highest rate for people newly diagnosed with AIDS in 2010.
For people who currently have HIV, Mississippi has the highest death rate in the country: 32.9 per 1,000 individuals living with the disease.
Fewer than half of Mississippians with HIV receive treatment regularly, the Health Department reports.
Diagnosed in 2010: 184
Rate (per 100,000): 34
Rank: 4th
Living with HIV infection (end of 2009): 2,952
Diagnosed in 2010: 158
Rate (per 100,000): 29.2
Rank: 3rd
Living with AIDS (end of 2009): 1,299
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

What is making it so bad that people live like 3rd world countries in Mississippi with HIV/AIDS?

We know the money is tight, but could they get funds from the government? 
Is President Obama afraid of Mississippians? Does he ever go there and if he doesn't WHY?

Why do the wealthy get above average treatment in America but the poor below average?
It pisses me off the Washington elite sit up becoming "FAT CATS" while low income just get more services cut from there budget. 


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What does HIV stand for?


HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus and on its own it does not kill you.

The virus can survive and grow only by infecting, and destroying, the immune system.

This continual assault on the immune system makes it weaker and weaker until it is no longer able to fight off infections.

Without treatment, it takes about 10 years from infection to the development of Aids - acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

It is then that "opportunistic infections", which a healthy immune system could fight off, become deadly.

People can die from pneumonias, brain infections, diarrhoeal illnesses as well as certain tumours such as lymphoma and cervical cancer.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hiv Inflamation can be very Serious!

Picture of Candied Ginger Recipe
Hi guys, it is I am the mad blogger. I wanted to talk about hiv inflammatory disease that has been showing up in the hiv websites. I know it can cause major health problems organs in your body im concerned about my liver kidneys & heart. So I went on a hunting mission to see what I might could find naturally that helps with inflammation. Well guess what Asia does know its natural healing for sure, I have used several over the years before I started hiv medicines, they really helped me allots I didn't take meds until about 11-12 yrs into my being Hiv+.  So any ways am getting to far out there now. I found that crystalized ginger can help with inflammation so I am going to try it out I bought some already prepared but its better to make your own. I will put information of how to prepare it on here below this. And don't forget ginger great for medicine and natural nausea treatment  plus other health benefits.  Always tell your doctors what you are using.         

Friday, February 15, 2013

Stop corruption of the money machine...hiv!

Friday, February 15, 2013 
I've been observing allots sketchy behavior in HIV community amongst those that are supposed to nurture and protect those that can't protect themselves. What does a HIV Advocate supposed to do or be? Well I always thought I could go to all people calling themselves fighters of HIV causes. but now in this day and age I see they are just for themselves to get notice fame money or anything that will benefit them. I'm not saying all are like this but I would say 55% are trying to make money off hiv connections. I was told by several people who HIV has become a money machine ride and everyone wants on it! Do you want a ride on HIV money machine? Or are you a good person that doesn't take advantage of causes that could make you money or fame? What should be done? How do we go about outing this criminals that use foundations as tax shelters but call themselves a warrior of the cause? Do you know anyone like this? Well I do & some get caught some get away with embezzling 100's of thousands of dollars! But how did they get to take that much? Did you look the other way? Why! Did you think they would never do that didn't you? Well they are like charlatan's in a monks clothing. Lets please stop these habits of the bad ones that have been misled by greed. Turn them in speak out against them to protect the poor or sick who need these funds so they can get services. And stop treatments being given to the rich people who are friends of those policy makers in Washington. Because when a cure comes we the poor will not be first inline it will go to those in Washington and their best friends! Believe it this is true life and this is how it works. The government throws money at non-profits but has no oversight I see non-profits spending money on all kinds of stuff with no connection to what they do. Please help us stop these things from happening by contacting WASHINGTON let them know you think something is happening ..ask for an audit of the people doing it that work for foundations. You can tell a sketchy foundation by who they have on their boards. Usually they put their most trustworthy friends on boards so that they wont spill the beans on their tax shelters. They pay for all their expenses that have nothing to do with their foundations or non-profits. If your like me next time you will not join any cause until you have done background checks and ask around about these people to see if you get sketchy info on them. STOP CORRUPTION IN THE WORLD OF HIV BECAUSE EVERY DOLLAR THAT IS EMBEZZLED COULD HAVE BEEN USED FOR YOU & I A CURE FOR HIV OR A NEW HIV TREATMENT, SPEAK LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD AROUND THE WORLD!        TG. GREEN

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I refuse to watch as more than a billion women experience violence on the planet. I'm joining V-Day on 02.14.13 in a global strike to demand an end to the violence.

On V-Day’s 15th Anniversary, 2.14.13, we are inviting ONE BILLION women and those who love them to WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to this violence. ONE BILLION RISING will move the earth, activating women and men across every country. V-Day wants the world to see our collective strength, our numbers, our solidarity across borders.
What does ONE BILLION look like? On February 14th, 2013, it will look like a REVOLUTION.
A global strike
An invitation to dance
A call to men and women to refuse to participate in the status quo until rape and rape culture ends
An act of solidarity, demonstrating to women the commonality of their struggles and their power in numbers
A refusal to accept violence against women and girls as a given
A new time and a new way of being
www.onebillionrising.org to find out more!

Friday, February 8, 2013


C.A.N.N. Our Mission: The Community Access National Network (CANN) works to improve access to comprehensive medical services for people living with HIV. ......Well what have you done for the low income hiv people living with debilitating facial wasting to make treatments for the face accessible? Please answer the question from an HIV 30 YEAR SURVIVOR who has earned the right to ask a foundation that is supposed to work for the hiv people to make treatments affordable for the poor.  Well im sure they are out to lunch on the governments dollar as those policy writers do.. I would say they are not doing something right if the facial wasting .. which is devastating to many low income cannot afford to have this symptom treated goes unfixed! To me it is the buck and the buck usually does not drop further than the rich HIV populations or friends of the policy writers. Why not shock the world and do something for the poor CANN?

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I’m starting a relationship with someone who is HIV-positive, what do I need to know?

Many people who are HIV-negative are in successful, loving, and intimate relationships with an HIV-positive partner.
Modern HIV treatment and care can significantly improve your partner’s health and life expectancy. Many people with HIV can expect to have a near-normal lifespan. There’s a lot of support available to help you both deal with the stresses and strains related to HIV that may arise in your relationship.
It may be reassuring to know that you can stay HIV-negative. It’s completely safe to kiss and hug your partner. What’s more, many couples have intimate and fulfilling sex lives without passing on HIV

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

‘My boyfriend refuses to go for HIV testing’

I found this awesome article for women on HIV testing and safe sex I wanted to share with our sisters out there to keep them educated: bio of author is at the bottom.

After having unprotected sex, a reader wants to know how she can make her boyfriend get tested.


Sex and intimacy

Dr Eve
Marlene Wasserman is an internationally trained Clinical Sexologist, Couple and Sex Therapist, Sexual Medicine Consultant and Therapist, in Private Practice. This means that she spends most of her day thinking, talking and processing relationships and sexual conundrums that people bring to her professional practice.

Being driven by the need to right the wrong in human injustices , Marlene is a sexual rights activist , an outspoken media personality and educator. She is a  committee member of a number of national and international boards and contributes towards the growth of her specialisation. 

Marlene is a finalist in the Businesswomen’s Association Regional Business Achiever Awards 2012, in the Professional Category.

All presentations are innovative, interactive and experiential in that audiences leave feeling they have had a memorable experience. The experience may initially be uncomfortable – hence it being memorable. Over time the discomfort eases into better understanding of self, a sense of freedom and even joy.  We all have  a fascination and need to know more about sexual health and relationships. Dr. Eve offers forums for provocative thinking, conversations and learning.  

As an academic she teaches Sexual Medicine at the University of Cape Town and lectures locally and internationally. She is published in academic journals, written her own books and continues to write for various media.

Marlene is the founder of the DR. EVE brand. Find Dr. Eve  weekly on radio, occasionally on television and daily on the web site: www.dreve.co.za.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Fabulous Pill Box !

My Pill Box is a Hartmann overnight case. Its tweed with cowhide trim in earth tones lined with clasic brown and offwhite fabric. I found it at thriftstore for 7 bucks which is a great deal cause they sale for over 200 bucks retail. I keep like 14 bottles of HIV meds vitamins and other meds for other medical ailments. It really is my box that keeps me alive plus with Gods help I stay in the healthy range.. My mom looks at the box & has told me I had to many pills! But I say it keeps me alive so she goes quite & mumbles. Been through many containers which has been many.. Where do you keep your meds? Do you care about style, convenience? Would you allow others to see your pill box? Do you feel Shame when you are asked about it? Well I say f**k them that make you feel that way! That's why you  should have a Fabulous Pill Box like I use, make it special because it is special to you only!  Never have shame for what you have or who you are and only have loving nurturing folks around you! Your worth more than $ signs.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Compassion In A Time When There Was None!

FlowersHospital.jpgCynthia Wilson, nursing supervisor, Flowers Hospital, Dothan.
Wilson has been a nurse with the hospital 23 years and since 2006 has served as nursing supervisor for the nursing administration department. She is known among co-workers for her leadership. "The most endearing characteristic of Cynthia's personality is her dedication to the patients she cares for and the support of the staff," said associate director of nursing Charles Tew. Once such example of her compassion occurred when Wilson was caring for a patient with HIV/AIDS during a time when less was known about the disease. Noticing that no family or friends visited the patient and that all who treated him wore masks and gloves, she decided to begin visiting him and was there, holding his hand with her ungloved hand, when he died. A cancer survivor herself, she has participated in Relay for Life, and she is an active member of her church who has helped with many of its fundraising events that benefit the community.                         By Mike Oliver | moliver@al.com