Saturday, February 2, 2013

Compassion In A Time When There Was None!

FlowersHospital.jpgCynthia Wilson, nursing supervisor, Flowers Hospital, Dothan.
Wilson has been a nurse with the hospital 23 years and since 2006 has served as nursing supervisor for the nursing administration department. She is known among co-workers for her leadership. "The most endearing characteristic of Cynthia's personality is her dedication to the patients she cares for and the support of the staff," said associate director of nursing Charles Tew. Once such example of her compassion occurred when Wilson was caring for a patient with HIV/AIDS during a time when less was known about the disease. Noticing that no family or friends visited the patient and that all who treated him wore masks and gloves, she decided to begin visiting him and was there, holding his hand with her ungloved hand, when he died. A cancer survivor herself, she has participated in Relay for Life, and she is an active member of her church who has helped with many of its fundraising events that benefit the community.                         By Mike Oliver |
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