Friday, February 8, 2013


C.A.N.N. Our Mission: The Community Access National Network (CANN) works to improve access to comprehensive medical services for people living with HIV. ......Well what have you done for the low income hiv people living with debilitating facial wasting to make treatments for the face accessible? Please answer the question from an HIV 30 YEAR SURVIVOR who has earned the right to ask a foundation that is supposed to work for the hiv people to make treatments affordable for the poor.  Well im sure they are out to lunch on the governments dollar as those policy writers do.. I would say they are not doing something right if the facial wasting .. which is devastating to many low income cannot afford to have this symptom treated goes unfixed! To me it is the buck and the buck usually does not drop further than the rich HIV populations or friends of the policy writers. Why not shock the world and do something for the poor CANN?
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