Wednesday, February 6, 2013

‘My boyfriend refuses to go for HIV testing’

I found this awesome article for women on HIV testing and safe sex I wanted to share with our sisters out there to keep them educated: bio of author is at the bottom.

After having unprotected sex, a reader wants to know how she can make her boyfriend get tested.


Sex and intimacy

Dr Eve
Marlene Wasserman is an internationally trained Clinical Sexologist, Couple and Sex Therapist, Sexual Medicine Consultant and Therapist, in Private Practice. This means that she spends most of her day thinking, talking and processing relationships and sexual conundrums that people bring to her professional practice.

Being driven by the need to right the wrong in human injustices , Marlene is a sexual rights activist , an outspoken media personality and educator. She is a  committee member of a number of national and international boards and contributes towards the growth of her specialisation. 

Marlene is a finalist in the Businesswomen’s Association Regional Business Achiever Awards 2012, in the Professional Category.

All presentations are innovative, interactive and experiential in that audiences leave feeling they have had a memorable experience. The experience may initially be uncomfortable – hence it being memorable. Over time the discomfort eases into better understanding of self, a sense of freedom and even joy.  We all have  a fascination and need to know more about sexual health and relationships. Dr. Eve offers forums for provocative thinking, conversations and learning.  

As an academic she teaches Sexual Medicine at the University of Cape Town and lectures locally and internationally. She is published in academic journals, written her own books and continues to write for various media.

Marlene is the founder of the DR. EVE brand. Find Dr. Eve  weekly on radio, occasionally on television and daily on the web site:
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