Friday, September 6, 2013

Do you believe we may have lived another life?

This meditation can be used in VISIUALIZING DISCLOSING HIV STATUS!

I had started a support group for HIV at the University of Georgia on campus, it was a creative visualization meditation support group. Playing very calming music. We had everyone sit on a circle of pillows on the floor with a candle in the middle of floor. We started one at a time speaking an explaining the most favorite place we had ever been to or we created one of our own or picked up from were the person before you left off. At the time people were getting sick in that area from AIDS SYMPTOMS. Well the group was a hit and we had big groups. Because they could escape to this place we each uniquely created an I believe these guys were able to carry this place in their minds eye so when they had a hard day they could go to it without going anywhere physically. Still to this day I can see my place an only I can let anyone into that space because that space is inside me.

Well we tried a practice to visualize ourselves as a powerful being radiating a golden light. This is what happened to me when we did. If you understand visualization you would understand my having a block like a wall up an could not see past it. Then after several meeting an going deeper an deeper it was like the wall dropped and I saw in front of me this powerful being. I was like I was watching through a camcorder.
I visualized being a powerful being radiating golden light , an when I finally saw myself as this being I had long brown hair with a white soft robe an I was barefoot an was in a tunnel that had dirt floor and carved stone walls an ceiling and opened out onto a flat platform midway up into the canopy of the trees and the light was goldish in color ....after seeing this vision I was extremely moved but later while I was a doctors office probably a year later I was flipping through national geographic as I turn the page I felt tears start to run down my cheeks an I didn't know why until I focused on the MAYAN TEMPLE in the magazine and it was exactly the place in my vision and I believe I had lived there in another life. To this day I can still see this vision an it gives me chills of warmth flowing through me because I know I saw an felt more than what I had been looking for. An couple years later I had outer body experience too just as awesome an if you want me to tell you let me know?

Just part of my past memories TG Green
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