Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Do Declare! Persons living with #HIV not eating Healthy in America!

How can we make people living with HIV/AIDS pick between eating healthy & paying for medicines,co-pays, treatments? I learned a long time ago people with HIV/AIDS have to put back almost 3 times the amount of nutrients in high quality to survive. HIV deplete's nutrients at a weird rate! Many get sick from malnutrition on top of side effects of meds, stress & worrying "How will i afford meds this month & eat healthy?" Do you see the trend here? People with this chronic illness need to eat right in a time when everyone else is worrying about obesity. The department of food stamps will not help. They will only give the minimum amount not even worth bothering with if  your disabled on fixed income. While corruption runs ram pit in this Department of Human Resources people go under fed like a 3rd world country. So do we eat healthy or stay adherent on our HIV meds? Not everyone living with HIV/AIDS are rich and not all look like models they pick to give false representation on magazines covers making the public think if they have HIV/AIDS & look like that why should i be afraid of catching it,  they got meds for it now so i am not scared of having risk behaviors & catching HIV! That is giving the public only a 50% truth of what happens when you test HIV POSITIVE. I as a 30 year survivor have seen this thought process grow into "WHY FEAR HIV?" They got meds for it now! Some in the public agree with me on this. I have asked a few. So what do you think?
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