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Food Co-Ops and Food Ministries
Nuts, berries, greens and other foods that help fight cancer
Smart Choice Food - Smart Choice Food is a national food distributor dedicated to providing grocery relief to families across America. Host site locations appear to be in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Michigan, Northern Arkansas.

Bountiful Baskets - Fruit and Vegetable baskets, available in regular or organic choices. Locations in: AZ, CO, GA, IA, ID, IS, KY, LA, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, TX, UT, WA.

Gaballi - A faith based movement to save 30 - 70 % off your groceries. (Products of USA - Locally grown). This one serves a lot of areas around the country, including parts of CA, but again is concentrated in the Great Lakes, Florida, and East Coast areas. Check their host site locator to see if they have a host site near you.

Zaycon Foods - This one is a little bit different. They primarily provide large bulk orders of meat, available for purchase by the case.  Typically offered in 40lb amounts, the meat is often freshly packaged in bulk so you have to be prepared to portion it out and freeze it yourself. Check and see if they have any planned events near you. A friend of mine has bought chicken through them and was very pleased with the quality and price.

Share Food Program -
Serving PA, DE, NJ, Metro NY, & MD Eastern Shore, the SHARE Food Package is a program where people get a break on their grocery bills by exchanging volunteer time for the opportunity to buy affordable food. For each package of food purchased, they ask for two(2) hours of “good deed” time, whether at SHARE, other institutions in your community, or your own neighborhood. In exchange for your volunteer hours, you can receive approximately $35 to $45 worth of quality frozen meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and shelf stable items at approximately 50% savings.

Mid-America Foods -
Mid America Foods was designed to bring hope and peace of mind to those who want to stretch their food dollars. Mid America Foods offers restaurant quality food at discounted prices.  This food co-op serves: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas.

Prairie Land Food - The Prairie Pak includes a wide assortment of frozen meats, and a variety of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables – just like you see in major grocery stores. And at a savings of up to 50% off retail prices! Additional packages, including meat packages and specialty packages are also available. Prairie Land Food partners with churches, schools, and community organizations to create "host sites" to make picking up your purchases as convenient as possible, throughout Kansas and Nebraska.

Golden Share Foods - Serving Southern California communites in San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Irvine, and San Clemente, this is Southern California's largest local Community Food Cooperative. Save up to 50% on your monthly food budget. This program welcomes everyone.

Jolin Food Box - This program is designed to provide families with nationally branded food products at wholesale prices. The products in this food box include a balanced variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items prepackaged in our temperature controlled warehouse.  They offer these boxes at wholesale prices thus enabling folks to save money without compromising quality of life. Approximately $100.00 worth of food for only $38.00. Up to 50% in savings in your pocket! Locations all over New Jersey, as well as in Brooklyn and Long Island City NY, and in Dover DE.

Family Table Food Ministries - This is a faith based organization that delivers quality food at a deeply discounted rate while giving back to your local churches and community. Based in NY State with one location in PA as well.

Western Eagle Foundation (Temecula Food Bank) - For those in the Temecula, CA area, this company is dedicated to helping families who may not qualify for government assistance. However, anyone is welcome to make use of their program and there are no forms or income requirements. For $25, you can get a supply of food that will feed a family of four, 2 meals a day each, for an entire week.
One Harvest Food MinistriesOneHarvest is a non-profit, non-denominational, faith based organization that is committed to helping American families. They offer affordable, pre-packaged, high quality food boxes. OneHarvest is currently distributing in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth) and Virginia.

HIS Food Ministries -  HIS food ministry is an evangelistic outreach designed to help the local churches and other organizations minister to their communities through meal plans. Host churches are located in WV, NC, GA, SC, and VA, MD, DE, OH, PA, Eastern WV panhandle and Northern parts of VA.

Gospel Food Ministries - Gospel Food Ministries is a non-denominational faith based organization that has a passion and a calling to reach out to our communities and their families with high quality foods. Locations throughout Florida.

Supreme Outreach -
The Supreme Outreach program is specifically designed to support any business, civic, or church group to provide to their communities with first quality food at prices 30% – 50% below retail grocery store chains.  Serving: Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina

ood Boxes: Faith Church of the Valley -
Faith Church of the Valley is a community distribution site for United Food Bank’s food purchase program called Help Yourself! This program offers households the ability to stretch their food dollars by taking advantage of the food bank’s buying power through the purchase of pre-assembles fresh food boxes. Chandler, AZ.

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