Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When do you choose time for HIV treatment?

When do you choose time for treatment?

This question has always been a huge deal in the HIV community because some don't believe in manmade pills an choose alternative treatments. Well I didn't take meds until 1997-8 because I worked out an used Chinese herbs an other herbal remedies I studied an created myself. But while I didn't take manmade meds I did monitor my cd4 an numbers on labs. So if are young an decide to hold off if your system is fighting for itself you should at least monitor all numbers an talk an discuss all this with doctor an keep regular appointments an labs because HIV can change to AIDS very fast just like mine did in 1998 CD4'S dropped below 100 an I had asked doctor to tell me when it was a emergency to take meds now. One reason using my case is that some of us will have really nasty mutations of the HIV VIRUS an that can become very tricky. So living blind with HIV is not a good idea because HIV never stops working to win over our bodies. So if your NEW AT HIV sit down an plan out your battle plans living with HIV VIRUS. Being proactive extends your chances. An learn all you can. I wish good things for all you newbies an you oldies like me here I am past 30 yr HIV/AIDS I never sat still.

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