Thursday, May 29, 2014


today is a day for me iv been getting disillusioned lately i guess because of all my health issues i face an these aren't the kinds ailments that leave they just escalate over time. I get afraid i won't be remember because of the HATEFUL CORRUPT HIV ORG PEEPS have blacklisted all the way from California an the UK. But they have an i have to say i hate how the south has handled its HIV epidemic with greed an bullying(Alabama) an seems ALABAMA AIDS ORG use those org to get them a government job iv seen it several times. An these same corrupt people are working their evil as we speak. But i do spend hours researching an looking for new stuff but because i am not a brownnoser like most out there i probably will be forgotten . 

Sorry im a bitch but you all created me an im still chat-table loll.
an i still love everyone just not their ways.
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