Sunday, July 29, 2012


         My names ''Joe" I was born and raised in Alabama in backwoods small town. I am 50 yrs old now with plenty mileage under my belt. I have blond & grey hair now with piercing blue eyes I wear stache & goatee with sideburns for my disguise to look straight even though I'm bisexual & i date women. i grew up around uncles who like to play with kids if you know what i mean "wink" so since I've gotten older i haven't lost my taste in rugged married men or straight acting cross country truck drivers.  They call my type "truck chasers" men who like to service male truckers at rest areas, truck stops and all night dinners usually on an exit off the highways & byways! I know its 2012 but i love the feeling of busting one with hot masculine men who probably got a long haul across country & needing relief in the form i offer "hint HINT" smiling to myself cause many hot memories passing from over the years give me a rush! I don't care?
      TRUCK CHASERS; give bj's,anal taking or giving, & allots more some will wear women's clothes to help the hot truckers out! Because we are service providers just like most hospitality services. I have had some really hot daddies over the years. A few were regulars. Some would bring me thank you gifts as though i was their wives helping them out on those lonely over road trips... Over the years things have changed some cause of the Internet, they set up meets with you on sex sites at truck stops they will be near, that maybe near you they are eager cause the tension is built up & they wanna bust several with several men. transsexuals women working the places they frequent. I love the feeling of anticipating some new strange meat that i can conquer it give me rushes like doing poppers! They love natural if you know what i mean? Not using a rubber is the best feeling being in a truck bent over having hot unsafe sex reminds me of the 80's not having a care just getting some hot sex with nameless strangers several times a night.
Boy was that the days!!! When you felt free as a bird!  But i know I'm getting older & I should worry about protection. They ole saying what you don't know won't hurt you comes to mind sometimes?  That is what they say about their wives sitting at home while they drive cross country doing it with men & transvestites, prostitutes! But they are wrong it can hurt them & the wives girlfriends that are worrying about them if they are driving safely and not thinking if they are having safe sex! Passing #HIV #HEPC #HERPES SYLPH AND MANY MORE STDS to their loved ones, they just want to bust a nut as natural as they can with whom ever is available this is why so many new cases of #HIV are spreading among women in and around the southern states? Do we stand out at truck stops and pass out condoms do safe sex classes at a diner or put up billboards along their trucking routes to get the message home? Who knows but it is happening and needs to be addressed in some fashion!      This story was fictional but it does happen, if we are going to stop spread of HIV STDS then it has to change. I tell the Lady's and men i know don't date a truck driver or a bartender because some not all play with strange all the time, SO PROTECT YOU IS ONLY WAY TO KEEP FROM GETTING #AIDS!                         KEEP ON TRUCKIN! A SOUTHERN WITH HIV               
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