Thursday, July 26, 2012


I was born and raised in Alabama. I get to visit over their from Atlanta,Ga couple times a year. When their i observe how people still struggle for medical care period not to mention specialized #HIV care you have to drive 100 miles to receive an that is sub-par by inner city standards! They seem more worried about roads in Alabama Mississippi Tennessee Louisiana and North panhandle of Florida! When did the quality of life become second or third to a road? I think its the country Good ole Boys way of thinking #HIV #AIDS is a gay disease when it is becoming more epidemic of Women now! Guess it has to be one of their family members before they provide funding for programs for HIV AIDS Services. I say this is outrage against human rights in America to have equal quality care as all do in inner cities and northern states. Americans have to decide do we eat or pay for medicine? This is a travesty that the government fat boys are doing this to our country! Does it not piss you off? Well it needs to change & we the people have to force this change! Tell them lets not fix this bumpy road this year lets help someone get medical services and social service living with HIV AIDS! OK  Just keep TWEETING on TWITTER until they hear us!                                                   
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