Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mama I got it!

I'll be damned
What did doctor ..say?
You got 3 good years..
Your wrong doctor...!
I need you mama..
Well you can't come here.
You just can't bring it here...
Where will I go?
don't know ...but not here!
I cried for someone to hold me..
I called my sponsor Craig
I need a place to live?
He said you can sleep in front room
I did ok
I still hurt
didn't know what to do.
Depended on the giving nature of strangers.
Learned what I needed to know
Wish I could speak to mama..
But I need to move on..why?
Because mama I got! HIV

This was my experience!
This happens a good bit, but know that you will be ok just like me..30 yrs HIV names TG  Green
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