Thursday, March 14, 2013

People who influenced me in HIV history.

One of the major influencers in my HIV history was a young 19 yrs. old guy, he had the rare blood disease called CMV in 1980's. He had the spirit almost like an angel. Energy glowed from him & he always made me smile, because nothing would get him down. He taught me so much gratitude back in the early yrs. . He loved me to explain everything to him the colors and the weather what people were wearing etc.. Did I mention he was blind from CMV? Yes and that's what made me love him because he could see more with his ears than most saw with their eyes.. I miss him and those like him. When people showed their feelings more and were more nurturing. Try to be more nurturing to people you don't know you may need it yourself oneday..   

tg green
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