Wednesday, December 4, 2013


GOOD AFTERNOON, I wanted to say hi i have done the farmers market and went and made sure my MEDICARE MEDICAID is up to date an i have discovered the Turkish figs they are sweeter than pie. Been tired last few days legs been weak but i figure its part of the process an usually passes. I am trying to build my tolerance to pain since im in recovery i don't take pain meds unless its ibuprofen . And smoking MISS Mary is not an option unless serious. You guys would not want me messed up an writing id tell all what i think about the HIV SYSTEM of today. I decided i would only rant when i had something good but those corrupt HIV ADVOCATES are still at it. I just can't understand anyone in this day an age being so ignorant an not protecting against HIV infection...there is no excuse! You have had 30 years of education, and only thing i see is that people out there are self destructive an have a death wish for some reason. I would put a tax on bare backing since the cost of HIV usually goes to the public so why not have bare-backers swallow some of the cost if they know they may become HIV LOLL. Hey i used to have unsafe sex until i got really scared of getting hep c so i stopped sex all together until someone is worthy enough to woo me into wanting it with someone on far to many hoes. You have to do background checks on people these days, some have no morals left an even be using anything for sexual gratification. Our world has become like Sodom and Gomorrah where anything goes. Now a days i cant even tell whose gay an whose everyone looks like a trend not a face. Shoot even HIV PEEPS don't look real they are starting to look like drag queens with so much silicone in their cheeks. Which if i could afford to get mine fixed i would an i have seen some wild scams in south Florida were there was creative billing so all those queens could get their faces fixed! Those of us in the deep south don't have time to worry about face we just try to afford to pay for meds and bills because if you work it still cost allots. If i had children i'd be a mess in this world if they where dating have them so tired of safe sex education ..but i would make sure they know when you decide to become sexually active you have to be a responsible adult when caught up in the moment an never let go of control. Because all it takes is during passion to just "say hey its OK he or she loves me' but that is how sometimes it is with teens an college during sex you can never stop being in control..or you will end up like me THE TRUE FACE OF AIDS!
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