Tuesday, December 24, 2013

HIV, Christmas, an Gratitude!


Hello, Good morning... How are you? I hope your doing good an not feeling bad.. I am doing Ok.. seems am having emotions flood through me for all my family members that are sick this Christmas. I always thought id be the one sick an not well but guess GOD has plans for me. I am dealing with past affects of having daily threats racial slurs an stigma from being HIV an open about my status in Public ...housing in Atlanta for 12 years which i almost died from an now have PTSD. Housing took advantage of me having a breakdown an in bad health from the hate. They moved me into another place were I have lived in fear of this management team always trying to find something to seek revenge for the past at the other place. I am not the same person anymore. Is there a time limit to take them to court? I have spent allots of this time educating on HIV an they had their first HIV Education seminar while I was at other place before I left from there. When they moved me here they didn't think id live very long because I had lost allots of weight an had had heart emergencies were I had to call Ambulance! It took me a year to get healthier but am still not the same person I was I now have tremors an memory loss from the 4 strokes or seizures I had at other place.. You know I told myself I wasn't going to let anyone run me off. I fought against housing management team who were caught up in illegal activities an were fired just after I moved in which I have been looking over my should from the death threats from those people....but do I have a legal case? I really get mad when I think they could get away with this... But all this time I stayed open about my HIV/AIDS status so others may have a better chance to not have so much stigma in public housing. So this is what I've been going through in the last few years an this is why I don't back down or give up when people now try to bully me. You should stand up an protect yourselves as I did.. but not let it get as far as I did! Give yourself a Christmas gift by loving the person you are an what you stand for today. Find your gratitude for being here an able to read this an enjoying your friends family or just your puppy or kitty Kat. Count everyday as a gift as I do an don't forget to love were ever you go. An be Honest to yourselves! Merry Christmas yes I can be morbid loll But I try to get my story out so others understand they aren't the only ones...TG GREEN

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