Thursday, December 26, 2013

HIV ...your Future? Its up to you #HIGHSCHOOL #FRATS..

Hey young people the Future is yours an your peers changing that future by having risky habits like sharing needles with shooting heroin in high school an having out of control unsafe sex habits with multiple partners at parties sharing sex partners an from my experience there is always some more cooler an experienced that goes to big city clubs have sex an then bring back #HIV or #STD an hey he o...r she is cool so you hang with them an want to know what they know an you get high an have sex then you have sex with others in your school an they have sex with someone ....unknowingly spreading #HIV an before long by the time they graduate they may be getting symptom's an the late teens or early college years are spent sick from medicine side affects. You miss college your friends hear your hiv an your family too an if your lucky they won't disown you.. Your resume ends up sketchy not able to get a good job ...maybe? But your still young reading this an you still have a chance to influence yours an your friends an families futures, because HIV ends up affecting all around you if you become POZ.. But GOD had me to write this., so that you have an early chance to stay healthy with an awesome what will you Its your choice!
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