Monday, December 2, 2013


Hello Good-morning, been awhile hope you had a great#THANKSGIVING? Mine was great i spent it with MISS SASSY SALLY, if you remember she's my senior lady best friend of mine. The page has been keeping me busy lately but im very grateful that i can help others through the page. I post my photo for WORLD AIDS DAY all over the world this week. It reach a few an traffic has been good. An still im not paying a penny. Proof some agencies waste funding. And they have become lazy. but anyways....Ive been wanting to mention the supplements i take everyday. HERE :

2 100ML COQ10 NIGHT helps with memory,heart,mouth
BCOMPLEX NIGHT helps many things plus help nerves
FISHOIL NIGHT vascular circulation

There are many other things you can take but i keep it to this at the moment because i don't want to interfere with HIV MEDS.
But when i almost died in 1995-6 i was not on meds yet an i took 2 handfuls of supplements an i got better withing 6 months but remember we are not all made alike an you have to weigh in on genetics.

An a HUGE dose of prayer an gratitude goes a long way.

One thing i need to say see around were HIV folks with maybe HIV WASTING won't show their faces on profiles or the use photos of when they were healthier looking, but you know what this is?.. Its not being true to yourself an your letting fear control you an making
hide your real you which is beautiful but how can anyone see? An if they find out its not your real photo of how you look now people will wonder if maybe your not strong enough to start a relationship. Let people make the choice if they want to know you. Most people like people to be honest. It just saves allots of time an protects you from heart ache. So start practicing allowing others to see who you really are without hiding your real you. I show my face even when i know i have HIV wasting an it is a drastic change for me an i fight hiding everyday but i make myself be bluntly honest of how i look an if they don't like how i look they aren't worth knowing an i think this makes me stronger an more secure. So take BABY STEPS an start letting people see the real you because you are lovable an worthy. Well this was my teed bits for the morning thoughts.
Our mission to is to get information to everyone we can on HIV . An we look to intergrate with others to build an help the communities affected by HIV!
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