Thursday, October 17, 2013

Don't let them look you to DEATH #HIV!

HIV a Southern Epidemic

Did you know when people look at me an see that in my face and the way my body is shaped that I have AIDS or something else. I can't let those people and the gay men that are judgmental against my looks stop me from living because even when i was to die these people will keep on living an if you feel like your giving up, DON'T! You have to squeeze into you a spot in the rat race an keep on surviving. I myself want to say goodbye everyday because I don't know why I am still here. I started this page thinking it will be for a good cause an it is an it will do good. But i am having to fight against those that should be supportive. But back to living, If you see someone that looks like the life force has gone out? Maybe you just need to help them relight it an this works most the time an sometimes they are far to gone, but you know what in the last 12 yrs. in Atlanta have come across several HIV people that I with Gods help get those couple persons life force back an they now live with hope. You have to make contact with others To make a difference. Start a Buddy system for people that need that reenergizing an help to be social again. It only takes someone caring to save another's life. TG
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