Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My #HIV Prevention Thoughts.

My Prevention Thoughts. #HIV TG
From what I've been reading too few of the population are educated enough about HIV PREVENTION an precautions. So to me an being a southerner I would guestimate that its even higher in rural areas that are DEEEEPSOUTH an too from what I've read #METH is very prevalent with this cause I remember growing up the 2 things on teens minds was #SEX #PARTYING an they go hand in hand and the teens are more worried about getting pregnant than #HIV. So my conclusion is we need them to see HIV NEWS everywhere, because if you can't  reach them in groups an meetings then plant the seed through #TELEVISION an on more gaming and dating websites maybe pop-up ads. But we need them to see #HIV PREVENTION ADS an average couple times a day. I think that's the real way to get them to pay attention. This was just an idea I had from all the stuff I've read an being from the south an being a REDNECK. Have open mind and tell me your thoughts?
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