Friday, October 18, 2013

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day!

Today I celebrate National Latino AIDS Awareness Day! I am hosting it in my front yard in tent to raise awareness and stop traffic! I had to change the venue because of the "stigma in the Latino Community. Sadly we have not come as far a we would like to believe! Cultural Competency is a tool we must use to address every people. The fear of being tested is bad enough, but the fear of others... knowing can be devastating! Please do not judge others based on our strengths and experiences. Some of us feel safe because of our spirituality or family support. Others are not so blessed. I am so blessed to live in a world where I can give as much of myself as I choose and feel fulfilled.
Hoping today will go well as I spend the day addressing the needs others rather than focusing on myself! I truly understand the need of every community to protect their privacy, but HIV is real and invades in the light of day, as well as in the dark of night!
Please get tested, get test results, get treatment if positive. Life is still worth living. I know, I am thriving, living, loving, teaching, and moving forward eleven years later!
Take care,
Dr. Joyce Turner Keller
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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