Monday, October 28, 2013

The way the real world of HIV WORKS.

People to make this page become what was envisioned for it we will need the publics support to help us grow because this page isn't about me or any one person its about allots of people needing a place to come to that they can trust and feel loved. I am not perfect but am trying to give back an help through this page. I have been fighting against hate elements in HIV ORG AND HIV ADVOCACY community... in the south have hardly had any support from orgs in ALABAMA MISSISSIPPI or LOUISIANA, TENNESSEE SOUTH CAROLINA AN BARELY NORTH CAROLINA AN ARKANSAS, i feel the ones that are working against the page is are in those HIV orgs. If things are not working in these states maybe its time you fired the people that are supposed to be working for you not for themselves. Working in nonprofit is supposed to be working from the heart not how much money you can make the money is supposed to be put into services an not how much you can travel and pay for your personal expenses or Salary. But i think something is very wrong with what's in place at the moment. And only way to get it fixed is ask questions. Who is it hurting you the person with HIV or them that's supposed to work for you? Well most times you the HIV client is told nope we don't have anything for you. Don't you think its time for a change because peoples lives are not a game piece on the board of life. We need more love in these HIV ORGS because i sure have seen allots of hate an infighting an bullies. And did you know the smaller HIV orgs in the southern states are afraid to speak against HIV DIRECTORS like the ones that work for ALABAMA HIV ORGS because they are afraid if they do speak up these FAT CATS will have their funding cut this is really true i could feel the fear from these small HIV Orgs they were truly afraid of this an those people in the southern states that do not like the people to speak up an its those people that have hurt the south an that hold back the progress of letting people take charge of their own communities instead of trying to create corporations to gain power. Another problem the BIG PHARM in Alabama has control of some of those HIV ORGS and they are their puppets to the governors ear. But i could go on about what I've seen an heard over the last few years on social media an HIV ADVOCATES . The machine is broken an LOVE an GOD is only thing with the help of the people that will heal the south an get help to the ones that are maybe your family members that are suffering . All this has come from others confiding in me. And that's why i am so angry. STOP THE BULLYS IN HIV SERVICES! TG
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