Monday, October 14, 2013

Stop Violence Against Women Every.

HIV a Southern Epidemic
The women in the South were beaten an Abused.
I remember every weekend my step dad got paid I knew it was going to be a wild weekend an in back of my mind I knew what was coming. In the southern rural areas in the south most all there was to do was party an sit around work in the gardens or work on someone's car under a tree. An us kids thought it was just awesome that we got to hang around an watch. But as the day got longer so did the booze ..most the times in Alabama it was white lightening pure alcohol from a bootleggers still. So the evening got darker we would be told to go to bed mamma or one of my aunts or cousins husband already had started slapping their women. An they would make an excuse for them. We would be laying in bed all night shaking under cover at the wonder when was all hell going to break loose because in the south if it didn't happen someone must've died in the family. If these women didn't die an after they had been beaten an raped repeatedly they would finely leave with no were to go or hide because the kids were used as pawns by the redneck DADS, UNCLES, GRANDDADS an COUSINS to get them to come back an the women would I've in for the kids sake. So this is similar to what happens today but its more in the public eye and the drug of choice is cocaine, Crack, or METH. An instead of just being beaten an raped an killed they women have to worry about #STD'S like #HIV/HEPC etc. Lets please try to help women an partners to love their beings enough to never let the violence start. Because OCTOBER is National VIOLENCE AGAINST AWARENESS MONTH.     By TG GREEN a self story
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