Wednesday, October 2, 2013

HIV can Affect #Christmas too!

Did you know in the DEEPSOUTH there is a funding shortage for those living with HIV?
Many are scrambling just to cover medicine co-pays cost of living, Nutrition, "Dental, an Mental Health" which allots of times is on sliding scale payments. School for their children to trying to take care of a parent an worry about living with HIV/AIDS! We in the southern states don't always have luxuries of getting the government to pay for Housekeepers etc.. We have to pay more out've pocket than other areas of the country because the funding is at an imbalance. But the one thing we do try to give our families is the memory of what Christmas is in south. So what I've been leading up to is to please don't let this year be the year Santa didn't visit! Make donations to your local HIV/AIDS organizations with gift certificates or sponsor a family through your church. But please. Start getting your donations ready! Its getting to look like its almost Christmas. If you have questions please leave a comment someone will answer your questions to the best of our ability!  THANK YOU 
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