Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Good evening, Been a good day even though my mom thinks I got Alzheimer's because I called her an hung up after 2 rings an I can't remember o well its ole age. But got some good interest in the page an hope it turns out well. Hope the page gets more interests. I do work hard to make it interesting for you guys, I have to remember got to take some rest sometimes. With this disease HIV it important ...to rest an take care of yourself. But o my a mayor in a far away place were it gets cold hint ...has admitted to smoking "crack" o'dear! See just like HIV crack don't discriminate on who gets it or who uses it. An then they saying that the higher number of HIV in some areas may make it unable to wipe it out....goodness me...just don't go into the areas with CRACK an HIGH numbers of HIV you might be safe for a little while until they run out of crack and HIV starts spreading which it is in the deep south Uno? Oooo my they are now trying to "cure" HIV with HOLY WATER? I guess I need to go down to the river an take a dip because us southerners get our cleansing the ole fashioned ways at the mud hole? Doesn't...everybody? Well I know some are sort've fancy they get their bottled aan shipped in...Uno? I just wished they wouldn't throw those bottles in the ocean because I about to claim me a pile that will be my new Island Paradize . Us po folks we make good out of everything we can an are grateful ...maybe. But anyways am a little tired an hope you guys have a great evening ill be hanging around an doing some visitations around the social media. Ya'll be good , thanks TG

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