Thursday, November 14, 2013


By HIV a Southern Epidemic
Hello GOODMORNING.. how are you? I can say it is 26 degrees out an am freezing Miss Princess doesn't have enough hair to keep us warm she is curl up in her cocoon in her tent next to this table so she is warm loll. Did you watch TV last night? The TOMORROW PEOPLE is a great show but anyways I like sci fi if it doesn't look like a cheap b movie I can watch it. Yep. But last night I had a big appetite an ate a pretty good bit.. ok I am rambling. Did anyone try to count HIV CAMPAIGNS on GOOGLE? You don't think about it until someone brings this up and people out there thinks we are all suckers an since no one will speak up they can waste as much funding as they want as long as HIV is on it somewhere and these so called advocates know they are doing wrong again they think Americans are suckers an KNOW ONE will say anything an if you look closely its the same groups that are abusing the funding doing this...hey they are having a good time on the governments dime...wouldn't you if you can get away with you know HIV is CASH COW. Well this is happening they don't want you to know about it. And do you ever ask them about the donations they get from the donation button? Are you paying for their next trip or their house payment? Why should they pay anything themselves when we have suckers like us that are just itching to donate to an already funded HIV project. Well this is my opinion an I will stick to it, I hope you all stay beautiful an stay grateful. TG
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