Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hello morning how are you? It is a cold one here in the south they had freeze warnings. I tossed an turned last night an Miss Princess slept like a log under her 3 blankets on her side of her bed. TV was ok last night I wasn't overly excited by the CW channel they are sort've stretching the stories already just in time for the HOLIDAYS. LADY GaGa is starting to show her humanness side I do believe... she will become part of AMFAR one day or one of the World AIDS ORGS. which i think she would bring the youths with her because I know they have a vision of things that will bring us into the future years of was just a feeling I got maybe it intuition .....give her a call! Just like THE GAGA we should never let anyone force us to do things that would hurt us like putting ourselves at risk for HIV ...a person that loves you would not ask you to have unsafe sex...they would protect you like you are their brightest light they would want to keep the light bright in you. So do not believe that they love you when they risk your health an life. Hey we forgot about "GRATITUDE" which I am very grateful for to be here with you again another day. Make sure you love who you are today an nurture GODS temple which is in each of us. Give yourself a hug you made it..another day! TG
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