Sunday, November 17, 2013


HELLO? MORNING.. HOW ARE YOU? Hi its a day am filled with gratitude and sadness for my Neecy a very sweet person inside that has been thrown away by those around her that she loves always reaching but always getting burned by them. This could be many of us.. out in the world esp. those living risky down trodden lifestyles. But why has society started throwing us away? Why do we not speak up? Most of us are good humans with a symptom of the real problem an that is loneliness, pain, loss of self, non love for self, an mental illness, addiction. Can you believe I used to not be able to talk to people unless I was very drunk back in the early 80's then I tested HIV+ and I had to learn who I was sober an let me tell you learning who you are can be very tough because when you open that bag sometimes other things slip out but I would deal with one thing at a time with baby steps. I got sober really like 6 months before I tested positive but it didn't stick until like the months after I was living with HIV ....THERES MORE TO THIS STORY IF YOU WANT ME TO TELL MORE LIKE THE PAGE AN I WILL TELL ALITTLE AT A TIME. I really hope you have a day of peace an day at a time!
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