Friday, November 8, 2013

Safe Sex is Now Eco-Friendly – Sustain Condoms are Fair Trade and Chemical-Free

Safe Sex is Now Eco-Friendly - Sustain Condoms are Fair Trade and Chemical Free

We like to see ourselves as environmentally conscious consumers. We shop fair trade, eat local and organic, and take pride in our purchasing decisions. Perhaps it’s time we considered how our love life fits into the eco-conscious lifestyle.
According to Fast Company, condoms can contain a protein that causes allergic reactions, N-Nitrosamines (which were linked with increased cancer risk in a recent German study), and much of latex production comes from child labor.
Former founder of Seventh Generation, Jeffrey Hollender, and his daughter, Meika, have a solution to the condom problem. They are launching Sustain Condoms, “the most natural and ethical products on the market” states Hollender, via Fast Company.
Sustain Condoms will be available in February 2014 and, as the name implies, they are sustainably produced (the latex comes from a plantation in southern India that’s Forest Stewardship Council-certified), they are certified fair trade, and contain none of the harmful chemicals mentioned above.
The idea behind the product was practical. Meika explained to Brand Channel, “What product and issue will people care enough about to switch products? Sex! And contraception and family planning…Millennials are getting that it’s all inter-related. To change behavior, offer better products people want to use.”
Need another reason to check out Sustain Condoms? They are priced similarly to conventional condoms and the company will be donating 10% of profits to U.S. organizations offering reproductive health care in low-income communities.
Now that’s some seriously eco-conscious contraceptive.
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