Friday, November 22, 2013


Hey good evening, hope you guys are feeling the best you can for what ever situation your going through....i like being honest about how i feel you should to it help..letting things you worry about out to an-others ear. I know sometimes i may say too much but in my gut i feel i say truths. Plus i feel better when i let it out. But anyways i hope your day is good. Hey guys i read sweet potato peeling might be good for you i read another cure story with the peel having good use for immune system? Wouldn't hurt has good nutrition plus its the holidays get cheaper. People are getting older with HIV having to think ... what will i do now an how is this going to turn out? Well i am 51 so ive been arthritic for 18 yrs already so old age aint the cause. But o well! Had a nice man want to get a free #HIV test person doesn't travel an isn't out in community very low on funds right now. So i thought these so called nice HIV ADVOCATES out there could find someone to help but because they are not benefiting from this an they didn't want to help me i got no help with this person..But hey what do you expect from all the crooked peeps working in HIV? To me when HIV was first being seen more all the scammers smelled a cash cow an jumped on this hayride an been riding it ever since..Now many are trying to cash in on the deaths of all those passed with AIDS. Have you seen the founder of POZ mag is getting his pockets filled from writing on the memories of the ones that passed..i wonder do they have legal rights over these memories...???? I read somewhere that these non-profits get more funding when the want to point out flaws in GOVERNMENT its called "HUSHMONEY"..An the government looks the other way when the HIV ORG crooks embezzle or misappropriate the funding.. But anyways we are getting close to the "WAD" what will you do to remember your friends or family etc on this day..I hope someone will remember me when an if i pass ? But you know i don't wanna be a brownnoser to get remembered or a crook. At least im honest. So know one will remember because if you weren't in the crooked circles of HIV ADVOCATES they forget you. Please start sending your photo to these HIV CAMPAIGNS looking for faces of HIV/AIDS they discriminate against people that look like they have HIV like with wasting in the face..i sent my photo in to campaign FACEaids an they wont use my photo out in this happens allots ..this is STIGMA an discrimination so please lets test them and see ok for my HIV brothers an sisters that look like me or your not their perfect PHOTO model lets see if they do discriminate ..please for the memories of people like me that suffer from facial wasting lets stop ...DISCRIMINATION TODAY, HEY remember "GRATITUDE" is a very powerful thing for the HOLIDAYS, get yours today!! GOODNIGHT
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