Friday, November 15, 2013


Hello.. GOODMORNING ! Like I've said when you think things couldn't get worse can. I'm ok today an I have allots of sadness for my sis an I hope GOD protects her an heals her an I hope he has good plans for her, I LOVE YOU, NEECY! When I think of things in the world its like sometimes I think God funnels a tiny amount of the peoples pain through me an I almost cry from the feeling I get. Tha...t's what I feel sometimes from people that are homeless these days. I have in the last few years tried helping couple of men that were homeless with AIDS, BRYAN is the name of one of them, his own mother used to beat him an not feed him an lock him up in a room over an over, he was from Tennessee originally. He was a decent guy if he liked you he would fight for you. Bryan had been living on the street since he was 14 yrs old selling himself. One day I had missed Bryans daily check ins for 3 days an I knew something was wrong I called hospitals but not knowing this for a day or so Bryan had been a John Doe and was dying in ICU. I somehow found his moms name and number called them an they came to see him an they went shopping at Lennox Mall while he was dying his mom told doc to listen to me that I could speak for her. Well i stayed by Bryans bedside over 30 days in a row, an almost got sick myself, short part of this is I wanted Bryan to know he mattered an that life hadn't forgotten him. This happens allots to us the ones with HIV/AIDS an we need to make sure each person knows they matter to the world. An don't forget them. Like I said things seem bad but always is a chance they could get worse. REMEMBER GRATITUDE!
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