Monday, November 4, 2013


This is what I use as meditation . I have worked with over 2000 varieties in the past an volunteered at 2 southern botanical gardens with orchids. But I taught myself on my own. I have used allots of my time in the south living with HIV doing an learning things that were creative an healing an have met many artists over the years. But the important note is let the part of yourself out that will help you heal, nurture this an grow from it. I do believe this is how I've survived these 30 yrs with HIV with GODS HELP or if you want to call yours a higher power I respect that because if we are human we are unique with our own beliefs an thoughts, I really hope this will make you smile I bought the orchid which is a DENDROBIUM I paid just over a 1.00 for it in the graveyard at Home Depot. At it has blessed me with beauty, I am grateful for this gift, thank you. TG

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